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Ellen Season 15 Is Coming Soon On Gloublog

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Full Show Ellen September 05 2017 – Season 15 Premiere

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Ellen's Season 15 Premiere! Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg, Charlottesville Resident Who Saved Fiancé's Life.

Ellen Monologue & Dance Sept 06 2017

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Reese Witherspoon Interview Sept 06 2017

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Reese Witherspoon & Ellen Get Slimed Sept 06 2017

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With YouTube star Karina Garcia

P!nk Interview Sept 06 2017

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P!nk Performance Sept 06 2017

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Never Have I Ever Again Sept 06 2017

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P!nk & Reese Witherspoon

Full Show Ellen September 06 2017

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Reese Witherspoon, P!nk

Ellen Monologue & Dance Sept 07 2017

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With Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Interview Sept 07 2017

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Miley Cyrus And Ellen Play Lady Time Sept 07 2017

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Miley Cyrus Performance Sept 07 2017

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Full Show Ellen September 07 2017

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Ellen’s amazing season 15 premiere week continues with the incredibly beautiful and talented MILEY CYRUS. Miley is someone you can count on for great music, great dancing, and to guest host your TV show when you’re ho...

Ellen Instagram Stories Sept 08 2017

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Ellen Monologue & Dance Sept 08 2017

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Halle Berry Interview Sept 08 2017

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Ellen Helps Halle Berry Swipe Right Sept 08 2017

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Dean Otto Inspiring Story Sept 08 2017

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Ryan Adams Performance Sept 08 2017

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Full Show Ellen September 08 2017

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Ellen’s magnificent Season 15 premiere peek continues with HALLE BERRY! The Oscar winner has won the attention of millions for her striking good looks and compelling performances in films like "Monster's Ball”, "X-Men...

Ellen Monologue And Dance Sept 11 2017

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Queen Latifah Interview Sept 11 2017

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Queen Latifah Game Sept 11 2017

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Portugal. The Man Performance Sept 11 2017.mp4

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Full Show Ellen September 11 2017

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Break out the good silverware, because today we’re having royalty on the show! The one and only QUEEN LATIFAH is in the building! She’s feeling good after starring in the breakout summer comedy, “Girls Trip.” Now she’...

Ellen Monologue & Dance Sept 12 2017

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Heidi Klum Interview Sept 12 2017

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Heidi Klum Plays Speak Out Sept 12 2017

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Billie Lourd Interview Sept 12 2017

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Full Show Ellen September 12 2017

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The heatwave continues when the stunning HEIDI KLUM joins Ellen! Heidi has a hilarious and unpredictable relationship with Ellen, and it's no wonder why we love having her back again and again. Heidi absolutely loves ...

Ellen Monologue And Dance Sept 13 2017

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Alec Baldwin Interview Sept 13 2017

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Alec Baldwin Challenges Johnny Depp Sept 13 2017

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Tig Notaro Interview Sept 13 2017

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Freestyle Rapper Harry Mack Sept 13 2017

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Full Show Ellen September 13 2017

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ALEC BALDWIN is truly a national treasure. He’s made us laugh with his hilarious portrayal of Donald Trump on “SNL” and as the fast-talking and thickheaded Jack Donaghy on “30 Rock.” Alec has also starred in such clas...

Ellen Monologue And Dance Sept 14 2017

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Korean Beatboxer ‘Bigman’ Daeung Yun Sept 14 2017

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Jessica Biel Interview Sept 14 2017

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Kym Douglas Shares Her Fall Beauty Trends Sept 14 2017

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Full Show Ellen September 14 2017

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JESSICA BIEL is here! The stunningly beautiful actress and entrepreneur is stopping by to give us all the deets on her new USA series, “The Sinner.” Ellen is excited to get an update on Jessica’s beautiful child, Sila...

Ellen Monologue And Dance Sept 15 2017

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Channing Tatum And Ellen Visit Magic Mike Live Sept 15 2017

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Channing Tatum Interview Sept 15 2017

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Kyle MacLachlan Interview Sept 15 2017

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Princess Channing Sings Let It Go Sept 15 2017

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Full Show Ellen September 15 2017

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What happens in Vegas definitely does NOT stay in Vegas! Ellen spent some quality time with Channing Tatum and the "Magic Mike Live" dancers in Sin City. You are NOT going to want to miss this! Just when you though...

Ellen monologue And Dance Sept 18 2017

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Funny Audience Singers Sept 18 2017

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Justin Theroux Interview Sept 18 2017

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Drew Carey Brings The Price Is Right to Ellen Sept 18 2017

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Grace VanderWaal Performance Sept 18 2017

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Grace VanderWaal Interview Sept 18 2017

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Andy Zenor Takes on the 2017 Emmys Red Carpet Sept 18 2017

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Full Show Ellen September 18 2017

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Nobody does Vegas like Ellen! Our host joined superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ at her live show extravaganza. You’re not going to want to miss this! Then, the handsome and talented JUSTIN THEROUX is here! The actor – one h...

Full Show Ellen September 19 2017

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Sarah Paulson, 'Ability App Kid' Alex, Nick Jonas

Ellen Monologue And Dance Sept 20 2017

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Megyn Kelly interview Sept 20 2017

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Ellen Tests Megyn Kelly’s TV Hosting Skills Sept 20 2017

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Russell Westbrook Interview Sept 20 2017

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Logic And Alessia Cara Performance Sept 20 2017

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Logic And Alessia Cara Interview Sept 20 2017

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Average Andy Sept 20 2017

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Full Show Ellen September 20 2017

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Rapper LOGIC is here to perform with ALESSIA CARA! They’ll be performing their hit "1-800-273-8255" from Logic’s CD, “Everybody.” Logic’s song title is the suicide hotline phone number and has literally saved lives. Y...

Ellen Monologue And Dance Sept 21 2017

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Pole Dancer Marion Crampe Performance Sept 21 2017

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Dame Judi Dench Interview Sept 21 2017

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Imagine Dragons Performance Sept 21 2017

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Live Q&A With The Audience Sept 21 2017

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Haircut Result Sept 21 2017

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Full Show Ellen September 21 2017

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DAME JUDI DENCH is a true treasure. She’s won an Oscar, 2 Golden Globes and an amazing 10 BAFTA Awards. Some of her most notable films are “Shakespeare in Love,” "Chocolat," “Mrs. Brown” and “Iris.” She’s here to talk...

Ellen Monologue And Dance Sept 22 2017

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Jake Gyllenhaal Interview Sept 22 2017

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Kesha Performance Sept 22 2017

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Full Show Ellen September 22 2017

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JAKE GYLLENHAAL is as handsome as ever with his bright eyes and boyish looks. The actor and Academy Award nominee is back on Ellen’s stage to talk about his new film, “Stronger.” Jake not only stars in the film, he al...

Full Show Ellen September 25 2017

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You can always count on the cast of “This Is Us” to keep the emotional gas pedal floored from start to finish. Save your tears though, because when this delightful group of people visit Ellen, it’s all fun and games! ...

Full Show Ellen September 26 2017

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JANE FONDA is here! All those years of exercising, stepping and crunching have paid off, as the aerobics icon and two-time Oscar-winning actress is still as beautiful as ever! Jane was recently nominated for an Emmy f...

Full Show Ellen September 27 2017

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He's the hilarious star of one of the hottest shows on television, a great friend of the show, and a big scaredy cat… he’s ERIC STONESTREET! Eric is known for being an easy target of Ellen's pranks and scares, and has...

Full Show Ellen September 28 2017

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He’s funny, he’s sexy, and he’s an Oscar winner. JAMIE FOXX is here to catch up with Ellen and tell us all about his new Showtime series “White Famous,” a comedy based on his early experiences as he tried to make it i...

Ellen Monologue And Dance Sept 29 2017

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Happy Birthday tWitch Sept 29 2017

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LL Cool J Interview Sept 29 2017

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LL Cool J Plays Heads Up Sept 29 2017

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One Big Surprise For The West Family Sept 29 2017

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Shania Twain Performance Sept 29 2017

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Another Big Surprise For The West Family Sept 29 2017

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Full Show Ellen September 29 2017

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LL COOL J seems unstoppable! A veteran of the rap game with his smooth-talking rhymes and buff physique has turned his attention to acting and hosting. The dynamic entertainer is back to tell Ellen all about the new s...

Ellen Monologue And Dance Oct 02 2017

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Young Dylan Is Back Oct 02 2017

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Anthony Anderson Interview Oct 02 2017

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DWTS Contestant Victoria and Partner Val Oct 02 2017

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Ellen Q&A With The Audience Oct 02 2017

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More Epic Or Fail Oct 02 2017

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Full Show Ellen October 02 2017

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Funnyman and super nice guy ANTHONY ANDERSON is here! He makes us laugh every week on his hilarious ABC hit show, “Black-ish.” He’s starred in films like “The Departed,” “Big Momma’s House,” and “The Barbershop” franc...

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