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Category: Videos Made By Fans

Eric Stonestreet Interview part 1 Nov 17 2015

Ellen & Portia – Here we are

from naomilylikeisaid

Just portia – naturally

From rainedee13

Portia – the face

From rainedee13

Ellen and Portia – Grey or Blue (Request)

From JuliaMuehlbauer

Ellen & Portia ~ Butterfly

From Tiger10130

Ellen& portia – have you ever been in love

From alemeyo

Ellen & Portia ~ How Sweet

From Tiger10130

Ellen Degeneres – Through the years

From tedsfan1

Ellen & Portia ~ Make Loving' Fun

From Tiger10130

Ellen and Portia – Just The Way You Are

From JuliaMuehlbauer

Ellen & portia-someone like yous (sissel)

From alemeyo

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I ask of you

From rainedee13

Lady in red

From rainedee13

Ellen and Portia – Teenage Dream

from JuliaMuehlbauer

Ellen DeGneres & Portia de Rossi : Let's make it me and you

From loopyem89

Can't take my eyes off of you

From rainedee13

Ellen and Portia – Suddenly it's Love

From tedsfan1

Ellen and Portia – Today

from Ellendegeneresfrance

Ellen & Portia…Fucking Perfect♥

From Degenerossi

Ellen & Portia – I Just Wanna Spend My Life With You

From EllenPortiaLove

Ellen and Portia – U2

From alemeyo
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