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Nicole Richie Interview Oct 09 2014

Full Show Ellen June 14 2016

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Jimmy Kimmel vs Ellen DeGeneres Nice Off

Full Show Ellen November 19 2018

The lovely EMILY BLUNT is here! She’ll glide in with an umbrella in the highly anticipated “Mary Poppins Returns,” starring in the title role made famous by Julie Andrews. The wonderful actress has appeared in some of the best films, including “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Looper,” and “Edge of Tomorrow.” Emily recently starred alongside her husband John Krasinski in a film he wrote and directed, “A Quiet Place”! The critically acclaimed film saw Emily and John’s characters become Halloween costumes this year! Today, she’ll tell Ellen all about stepping into the role of the unforgettable Mary Poppins, and get everyone excited about the new movie!

Then, Backstreet’s back all right, because the BACKSTREET BOYS are back on Ellen! One the biggest boy bands of all time is here to mark the release of their new album, “DNA.” They’ve been entertaining fans in Las Vegas at their Planet Hollywood residency, “Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life,” and now they’re ready to hit the road on tour! Today, they’ll perform their hit song, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” for Ellen and her fans, and we don’t care who you are, where you’re from, or what you did, as long as you’re watching!

Happy Monday, on Ellen!

Mel B Interview Sep 13 2013

Full Show Ellen February 14 2018

It’s Valentine’s Day on The Ellen Show, and the lovely and talented NATALIE PORTMAN is here! The superstar actress has had some unforgettable roles throughout her career, from Padmé Amidala in “Star Wars” to Jackie Kennedy in “Jackie” and of course, her Academy Award-winning performance as Nina in “Black Swan.” Today, she’s here to tell Ellen all about her thrilling new film “Annihilation.” Don’t miss this exciting first look!
Then, who better to stop by on Valentine’s Day than DAX SHEPARD? Ellen’s resident love guru is here with his hilarious brand of love advice, and he’s sure to have more words of wisdom for Ellen’s audience! Anybody looking for love is sure to find the advice they need when Dr. Dax stops by!
Love is in the air, on Ellen!

Kunal Nayyar Interview Apr 25 2014

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A Mother and Daughter Story of Survival oct 23 2012

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Ellen & Charrisa Are Going To Save The Cats Oct 21 2015

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Luke Bryan Interview And Performance Nov 27 2013



Luke Meets A Superfan

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Day 9 Of 12 Days Of Giveaways

3 Inspiring Homecoming Queens Sept 26 2014

Kellan Lutz Interview Mar 05 2013

Full Show Ellen December 11 2017

She got her start on a little singing competition called “American Idol.” Since then, she’s won a Grammy, performed at the Super Bowl, and even took home an Oscar – it could only be JENNIFER HUDSON! The superstar is here to tell us all about the exciting things happening on “The Voice,” which she recently joined the cast of, and to catch up with Ellen!
Monday is fun day, on Ellen!

Ellen Pompeo Interview Mar 04 2015

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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Timberlake Surprise Ellen Nov 12 2015

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DAY 3 of 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS with Beth Behrs

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Sasha Alexander Interview May 22 2014

Full Show Ellen October 17 2017

ANDREW GARFIELD is back with Ellen! Last time Andrew was on the show, he played a hilarious round of “Never Have I Ever”! We’re excited to see what the Oscar nominee will do when he’s on today! He’ll also be telling us all about his latest film, “Breathe.” You’re not going to want to miss this.
Then, Ellen welcomes the one and only SNOOP DOGG to her stage. The rapper turned TV game show host is here to kick it with Ellen, and to tell her all about his new game show, “The Joker’s Wild.”
Plus, the very talented BECK is here to perform his song “Up All Night” from his upcoming CD, “Colors.”
It’s all happening now, on Ellen!

P!nk Interview Sept 06 2017

’13 Reasons Why’ Stars Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette Interview May 01 2017

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Beth Behrs Interview May 09 2013

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Wendi McLendon-Covey Interview Jan 22 2014

Full Show Ellen May 21 2018

The stars of the new Star Wars movie, DONALD GLOVER and ALDEN EHRENREICH, are here! The two are playing some of the most iconic roles in film, starring as Lando Calrissian and Han Solo in the new movie “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” and the world can’t stop talking about them! Donald has come a long way since his days on the hilarious TV series “Community,” and he certainly makes headlines wherever he goes, whether it’s earning awards for his hit series “Atlanta,” or going viral with his powerful song and music video “This Is America” as Childish Gambino. Alden has been praised for his work in “Hail, Caesar!” – and everyone is looking forward to seeing him fill the shoes of Harrison Ford’s Star Wars character… he even received a little coaching from the man himself! These two will talk about it all with Ellen, and you won’t want to miss a second!
Plus, Ellen welcomes the incredible dance duo THE HATALA SISTERS! Older sister Taylor brought her sensational dance routines to The Ellen Show before, and her performances have over 70 million views! This time, she’ll be joined by her younger sister Reese for another fabulous performance!
Start your week off right, with Ellen!

The Cast of Glee Interview Mar 12 2015

Full Show Ellen September 23 2016

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Hillary Clinton Interview Nov 21 2005

Ellen In New York City

Full Show Ellen November 30 2015

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Katie Lowes Interview May 27 2014

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Kid Trainer Demarjay Is Back Apr 05 2017

Full Show Ellen May 16 2018

Today is a special day, because Ellen’s lovely wife PORTIA DE ROSSI is here! It’s always fun when Portia stops by, because nobody knows Ellen better than she does! Portia recently starred in the hit show “Scandal,” and today she’s telling Ellen all about reuniting with the Bluth family for the 5th season of “Arrested Development”! She’s back in her hilarious role as Lindsay Bluth, and she’ll give Ellen a look at the exciting new season!
Then, Ellen is happy to welcome back JAMES BAY! The talented singer had two huge hits with “Hold Back the River” and “Let It Go,” and his fans are ready for more! He’s back to perform his new song, “Pink Lemonade,” from his upcoming album, “Electric Light.” Don’t miss this exclusive daytime performance!
Let’s start the party, with Ellen!

Full Show Ellen September 10 2018

Michael Strahan & Sara Haines, John David Washington

Sophia Grace And Rosie Feb 19 2013