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May 2018 archive

Full Show Ellen May 30 2018

It’s a special day on The Ellen Show, with a very special guest host – SEAN HAYES! He’s one of Ellen’s good friends, and always ready with his sharp wit, so it’s no wonder she has trusted him with her show! The “Will & Grace” star certainly knows his way around the stage, whether on television or Broadway, and will no doubt make for one hilarious host!
Then, OLIVIA MUNN is back! The star of the hit show “The Newsroom” is here to talk about the exciting second season of her History Channel series, “Six.” Sean and Olivia were both guests at Ellen’s epic 60th birthday party, so they’re sure to have some fun stories!
Plus, the hilarious TONY HALE is here! He’s one of the breakout stars of the hit HBO series “Veep,” and he’s here to talk about returning to his role as Buster Bluth in the exciting new season of “Arrested Development” on Netflix! Don’t miss the charming actor’s chat with Sean today!
Wednesday is looking good, on Ellen!

Full Show Ellen May 29 2018

Ellen has a fun show with a side of handsome, because JON HAMM is here! The dynamic actor is best known for his role as Don Draper in “Mad Men,” and he’s spent some time making us laugh with appearances on “30 Rock,” “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” and hosting “Saturday Night Live.” He’s also starred in his share of hit films, including “Baby Driver” and “The Town”! The charismatic star is back today to tell Ellen all about his journey in acting, and to talk about his fun new film, “Tag,” based on the real story of a group of friends who play a month-long game of tag!
Then, one of Ellen’s favorite musicians, BRANDI CARLILE is here! Her hit song “The Joke,” from her album “By the Way, I Forgive You,” is one of Ellen’s favorites, and a fave of President Obama! She’ll perform it for Ellen and her audience!
Now that’s a Tuesday, on Ellen!

Repeat – Full Show Ellen May 28 2018

Repeat of February 07

Ellen welcomes MILO VENTIMIGLIA! He stars as America’s favorite television husband and dad, Jack Pearson on “This Is Us,” and fans waited a long time to learn what happened to Jack. Since the long-awaited answer has been revealed, Milo talks with Ellen about the fallout and fan reaction to the heart-wrenching episode. Grab the tissues… you’re not going to want to miss this!
Then, Ellen has a behind-the-scenes Super Bowl report from none other than her producer Andy, and DAX SHEPARD! Ellen’s resident love guru and her always hilarious and notoriously average producer filmed an exclusive sideline scoop at the big game, and Dax will talk about it all with Ellen! You can only imagine what happened when these two hit the field!
Plus, it’s Ellen’s favorite father-daughter dynamic duo! CLAIRE & DAVE CROSBY went viral when everyone took notice of Claire’s adorable performance of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” accompanied by her father Dave on guitar. Since then, Dave has appeared on “The Voice,” and he and Claire continue to sing together all over, and they’ve got another great performance in store!
Start your week off right, with Ellen!

Full Show Ellen May 25 2018

They’re back… it’s K-pop phenomenon BTS! The first time they visited, the BTS Army had rallied to have the band on The Ellen Show, and Ellen delivered! BTS provided one of the biggest moments in the history of the show, and their exclusive performance was viewed over 45 million times! The global superstars make waves wherever they go, and their #BTSArmy is sure to follow! Today, the larger-than-life group is back to chat with Ellen and perform their new hit song “Fake Love” for all the fans in the house! Everyone is going to be talking about this performance – you won’t want to miss it!
Then, the one and only EWAN McGREGOR is here! The multi-talented actor’s amazing career has covered some impressive roles in films like “Moulin Rouge!” and “Big Fish,” the “Star Wars” series, and the hit television series “Fargo.” Whether he’s acting, dancing, or singing, Ewan is always wowing fans with his performances! Today, he’ll tell Ellen all about his new Disney film “Christopher Robin,” in which he’ll play the title character as an adult encountering his childhood friend Winnie the Pooh and his pals! Get an exciting glimpse of the movie when Ewan stops by!
Happy Friday, on Ellen!

Full Show Ellen May 24 2018

Today, Ellen welcomes best pals AMY POEHLER and NICK OFFERMAN! The dynamic comedy duo known as Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson on “Parks and Recreation,” are also known as some of the best friends in television, and they’re back with a brand new show! The two will executive produce and host a new summer series on NBC called “Making It,” combining their passion for creating with the fun of competition, and no doubt with the kind of humor only Amy and Nick can offer together! Hear all about it when they sit down with Ellen!
Then, Ellen’s good friend TIG NOTARO is back! With all of their standup experience, it’s always a lot of fun when Tig and Ellen get together and talk about all things comedy! Tig will catch up with Ellen and tell her all about her new Netflix comedy special, “Happy to Be Here.”
Ellen is making it happen on a Thursday!

Full Show Ellen May 23 2018

One of the biggest stars in Hollywood, MARK WAHLBERG, comes to chat with Ellen about his new action-packed thriller “Mile 22”, and to give Ellen and her audience a sneak peek at the film.
Then, Ellen welcomes some talented all-stars from “So You Think You Can Dance”. The exciting new season is approaching, and the best of the best are here to perform for Ellen And her audience…
Then ASHTON KUTCHER makes a surprise visit to the show, and shocks Ellen with one of the biggest donations to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund to date…

Full Show Ellen May 22 2018

It’s going to be a day full of laughs on The Ellen Show, because Ellen’s good friend DAVID SPADE is back! The actor and comedian has really done it all, from his rise on “Saturday Night Live” to his famous pairing with Chris Farley in “Tommy Boy” and his successful television career! Whenever David stops by the show, he gets Ellen laughing from his hilarious stories, and he’s sure to have more in store! He’ll tell Ellen about his new audiobook, “A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World,” an exclusive Audible book in which he candidly gives his hysterical take on life, getting older, and modern dating!
Then, MAREN MORRIS and ZEDD are here! They’ve got everyone singing their chart-topping, catchy hit song “The Middle,” and they’ll perform it today for Ellen and her fans! Don’t miss it!
Plus, viral video sensation KALEN ALLEN is back! Kalen’s hilarious reaction videos have been seen by millions, and Ellen loves having him stop by the show! This time, he’s here to tell Ellen all about his red carpet visit to the Billboard Music Awards as her correspondent!
Tuesday is looking good, on Ellen!

Full Show Ellen May 21 2018

The stars of the new Star Wars movie, DONALD GLOVER and ALDEN EHRENREICH, are here! The two are playing some of the most iconic roles in film, starring as Lando Calrissian and Han Solo in the new movie “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” and the world can’t stop talking about them! Donald has come a long way since his days on the hilarious TV series “Community,” and he certainly makes headlines wherever he goes, whether it’s earning awards for his hit series “Atlanta,” or going viral with his powerful song and music video “This Is America” as Childish Gambino. Alden has been praised for his work in “Hail, Caesar!” – and everyone is looking forward to seeing him fill the shoes of Harrison Ford’s Star Wars character… he even received a little coaching from the man himself! These two will talk about it all with Ellen, and you won’t want to miss a second!
Plus, Ellen welcomes the incredible dance duo THE HATALA SISTERS! Older sister Taylor brought her sensational dance routines to The Ellen Show before, and her performances have over 70 million views! This time, she’ll be joined by her younger sister Reese for another fabulous performance!
Start your week off right, with Ellen!

Full Show Ellen May 18 2018

Now the story of a hilarious actor stopping by The Ellen Show… it’s JASON BATEMAN! The TV and movie star is back to visit with Ellen and to tell her about the upcoming 5th season of the hit comedy “Arrested Development,” in which he’ll reunite with his incredibly zany family as Michael Bluth! Fans have been waiting a long time for the next chapter in the Bluth saga, and Jason will have an exclusive look for Ellen! It’s going to be a day full of big laughs, and fans of “Arrested Development” won’t want to miss a minute!
Plus, Ellen welcomes “World of Dance” Season 2 finalists, THE LAB! This is an incredible group of dancers who are 8 – 16 years old, and you won’t believe what they can do! See for yourself and get ready to be wowed when they stop the show with their performance!
Ellen’s got us feeling good on a Friday!

Full Show Ellen May 15 2018

For the first time ever on The Ellen Show, Ellen welcomes U2’s BONO and THE EDGE! The legendary rock stars have done it all in the music industry and beyond, including humanitarian campaigns and tireless activism. With fourteen studio albums and tours all over the world, U2 remains one of the most popular bands on the planet. Last year, they celebrated the 30th anniversary of their hit album “The Joshua Tree,” performing the album in its entirety in a tour with over 50 shows. The band recently released its newest album, “Songs of Experience,” and they’re currently beginning their latest tour, “U2 Experience + Innocence.” Today, Bono and The Edge are here to chat with Ellen about the tour and their incredible career, and to perform for Ellen and her fans!
Then, the one and only DIANE KEATON is here, and she’ll be sure to have her wine, The Keaton, in hand! Her conversations with Ellen are always unpredictable and hilarious, and today promises to be just as fun! She’s here to talk about her new film, “Book Club,” and to give Ellen and her audience a look at the fun comedy!
Now that’s a Tuesday, on Ellen!

Full Show Ellen May 17 2018

Ellen welcomes back the beautiful SANDRA BULLOCK! The stunning star can really do it all, from dramatic roles in films like “Gravity” and “The Blind Side,” to showing off her fun side in comedies like “The Heat”! Ellen and Sandra have so much to catch up on, including Sandra’s new film “Oceans 8” – an all-female spinoff in which Sandra leads a squad of some of the most recognizable ladies in Hollywood! Don’t miss Sandra’s chat with Ellen today!
Then, it’s SHAWN MENDES! The talented and successful singer has captivated his fans with his music, and he’s here today to perform one of his new songs! Don’t miss Shawn performing “In My Blood” from his upcoming, self-titled album!
Thursday is looking good, on Ellen!

Full Show Ellen May 16 2018

Today is a special day, because Ellen’s lovely wife PORTIA DE ROSSI is here! It’s always fun when Portia stops by, because nobody knows Ellen better than she does! Portia recently starred in the hit show “Scandal,” and today she’s telling Ellen all about reuniting with the Bluth family for the 5th season of “Arrested Development”! She’s back in her hilarious role as Lindsay Bluth, and she’ll give Ellen a look at the exciting new season!
Then, Ellen is happy to welcome back JAMES BAY! The talented singer had two huge hits with “Hold Back the River” and “Let It Go,” and his fans are ready for more! He’s back to perform his new song, “Pink Lemonade,” from his upcoming album, “Electric Light.” Don’t miss this exclusive daytime performance!
Let’s start the party, with Ellen!

Full Show Ellen May 14 2018

There’s no need to be scared by today’s show, unless your name is SARAH PAULSON! The star known for “American Horror Story” and her Emmy-winning role as Marcia Clark in “American Crime Story,” and for films like “The Post,” is also known as the victim of one of Ellen’s most epic scares ever! Always a welcome and lovely guest, she’s here today to talk with Ellen about her new film, “Oceans 8,” in which she’s part an all-star female cast pulling off an impossible heist! Don’t miss Sarah catching up with Ellen, and get a glimpse of the new film!
It’s a Monday funday, on Ellen!

Full Show Ellen May 11 2018

Ellen has all the fun on Friday, and it starts with the incredible JANE FONDA! She’s entertained her fans in films like “Monster-in-Law,” “This Is Where I Leave You,” and on television with her hit Netflix show “Grace and Frankie”! Today, Jane is bringing the funny once more. She’s here to tell Ellen about her new film “Book Club,” in which she’s part of an incredibly fun cast, including Candice Bergen, Diane Keaton, and Mary Steenburgen! Nothing is off limits when Jane stops by, so don’t miss a minute when she catches up with Ellen!
Then, Ellen is happy to welcome back FOO FIGHTERS! The band has turned out hit after hit during their amazing career, and today they’re here to perform a song from their latest album, “Concrete and Gold”! Don’t miss their performance – it’s sure to rock all of Ellen’s fans!
TGIF, on Ellen!

Full Mother’s day Show Ellen May 10 2018

It’s Ellen’s Mother’s Day Show, which has some of the most exciting giveaways of the season, and it’s full of surprises for the soon-to-be new moms in the audience! Who better to stop by on Mother’s Day than JENNIFER GARNER?! The mother of three is an excellent advocate for children, using her voice to promote proper education in reading, nutrition, and early childhood development, and she’s here to celebrate the big day with Ellen!
Then, Ellen’s resident beauty expert KYM DOUGLAS is here! She has more fabulous beauty tips and products – this time specifically for the moms watching! You know that whenever Kym stops by, she’s willing to do anything for the sake of looking good! You won’t want to miss it!
Happy Mother’s Day, from Ellen!

Full Show Ellen May 09 2018

Today, Ellen has the lowdown on handsome, because ROB LOWE is here! The longtime heartthrob has been making us swoon since his early days in films like “The Outsiders,” to his role on the hit series “The West Wing,” and of course, making us laugh as the always upbeat Chris Traeger in “Parks and Recreation”! Ellen and her good friend Rob share a love of the community of Montecito, and both have worked to help restore the community after the wildfires and severe flooding, with Rob taking time to help feed firefighters who worked so hard. Today, he’s back to tell Ellen all about the return of “Code Black,” his thrilling medical drama! Don’t miss one good-looking minute of the show!
Now that’s a Wednesday, on Ellen!

Full Show Ellen May 08 2018

Today’s show is out of this world, because Ellen welcomes back WOODY HARRELSON! The Oscar-nominated actor has taken on some thrilling roles over the years in films like “Natural Born Killers,” “The Messenger,” “The Hunger Games” series, and of course, as Marty Hart in the HBO series “True Detective.” Woody is back to tell Ellen about going to outer space in one of the most highly anticipated films of the summer, “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” which tells the backstory of one of the most beloved characters in film, Han Solo! There’s nobody quite like Woody, so be sure to check out his interview with Ellen!
Then, you know her as a co-anchor of “CBS This Morning” and of course, as Oprah’s best friend – it’s GAYLE KING! The charming TV personality is here to catch up with Ellen and to talk about her new book, “Note to Self: Inspiring Words from Inspiring People,” in which Gayle shares uplifting info from some of the biggest stars of today! Hear about it all when she visits Ellen today!
Plus, don’t panic, but PANIC! AT THE DISCO is here! The popular rock band is back with their upcoming album “Pray for the Wicked,” and they’ll perform “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” from the album! They always put on quite a show, so you don’t want to miss it!
We’re too excited for Tuesday, on Ellen!

Full Show Ellen May 07 2018

Monday is looking fine, because Ellen’s good friend ADAM LEVINE is here! Adam always brings the fun when he stops by, with moments like teaming with Ellen for a prank, performing for her audience, and even meeting his biggest little fan! It’s always great when Ellen has a chance to catch up with Adam on his adorable family and his successful music career! Today, he’ll talk about the upcoming season finale of “The Voice” and the fierce competition between the four teams! It’s coming down to the wire, and you’ll hear him tell all in this exclusive interview!
Then, Adam will be joined by the rest of MAROON 5! The band will perform their latest hit “Wait,” from their album “Red Pill Blues”! This is a show that every Maroon 5 fan won’t want to miss!
Now that’s a Monday done right, on Ellen!

Full Show Ellen May 04 2018

Friday is about to get funny, because MELISSA McCARTHY is here! The hilarious star has been making us laugh in films like “Tammy” and “The Boss,” and even won an Emmy for her hosting duties on “Saturday Night Live”! Melissa’s work has seen her as a spy, a bridesmaid, and this time, she’s returning to college in her new comedy film, “Life of the Party”! She’ll tell Ellen all about it when she stops by!
Then, Melissa will be joined by her “Life of the Party” co-stars MOLLY GORDON, JESSIE ENNIS, DEBBY RYAN, and ADRIA ARJONA! With this much fun in the room, it’s guaranteed to be a good time!
TGIF, on Ellen!

Full Show Ellen May 03 2018

The wonderful JULIE BOWEN is here today! The two-time Emmy winner has been a standout star as Claire Dunphy on “Modern Family,” and the long-running series is coming up on its final season next year. Today, she’s bringing the party with her, as she’ll talk with Ellen about her latest film, “Life of the Party,” the hilarious new movie in which she stars alongside Melissa McCarthy! The last time Julie stopped by, she showed off her incredible Ellen impression, so you never know what will happen today!
Then, for the first time, the incredible LEON BRIDGES is here! Leon has drawn comparisons to talents like Sam Cooke, and he’s getting ready for his upcoming tour by stopping by The Ellen Show! He’ll perform “Bad Bad News” from his upcoming CD “Good Thing”!
It’s all happening, Thursday on Ellen!

Full Show Ellen May 02 2018

It’s a big day for dance on The Ellen Show, starting with JENNIFER LOPEZ! The talented singer, dancer, and actress has shared in some hilarious moments with Ellen over the years, including Ellen visiting Jennifer’s successful Las Vegas show “Jennifer Lopez: All I Have,” where Ellen helped her prepare for the big performance that night. They’ve also played “J.Lo or Go” on the show with some of Jennifer’s biggest fans, and in a round of “Never Have I Ever,” Ellen got Jennifer to admit she’s been in handcuffs! Today, she’s here to tell Ellen all about the upcoming season of NBC’s “World of Dance” – the world’s biggest dance competition!
Then, J.Lo will be joined by her fellow judges from “World of Dance,” DEREK HOUGH, NE-YO and host JENNA DEWAN! They’re here to talk about the show with Ellen, and you never know what might happen when you’ve got some of the most talented performers in the world all in one place!
Wednesday is looking good, on Ellen!

Full Show Ellen May 01 2018

Ellen’s star-studded week continues, and the “Man of the Woods” himself is here… it’s JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! Ellen and her great friend Justin go way back – he was Ellen’s second guest on the show! They’ve shared an incredible history over the years, and Justin has always stopped by to talk about his life’s big events, from his album releases and tours to his acting career and his marriage to Jessica Biel! Justin even helped Ellen celebrate her 60th birthday by serenading her and sneaking in a dance move just for her during his epic Super Bowl performance!
Their long friendship led to Ellen having the privilege of presenting Justin and his NSYNC bandmates with their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Today, the pop icon spends the day with Ellen to catch up and talk about his new album, “Man of the Woods,” and his new tour! You can’t stop all the good feelings when Justin stops by today!
It’s a Timberlake Tuesday, on Ellen!

Full Show Ellen April 30 2018

If you love “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” then Ellen’s got the show for you, because the lovely KIM KARDASHIAN WEST is here! The superstar creates a buzz wherever she goes, as does her famous family. Kim talks about her husband Kanye making headlines, her sister Khloé becoming a new mom with her relationship in the spotlight, and the arrival of Kim and Kanye’s baby Chicago, plus appearing on “Family Feud” with the whole family by her side. Kim shares her opinion on it all in an exclusive interview that you will definitely not want to miss!
Start your week right, with Ellen!