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Full Show Ellen September 12 2017

The heatwave continues when the stunning HEIDI KLUM joins Ellen! Heidi has a hilarious and unpredictable relationship with Ellen, and it’s no wonder why we love having her back again and again. Heidi absolutely loves to dress up and was even part of Ellen’s Halloween costume last year. Ellen is excited to hear what else is going on in Heidi’s fabulous life!

Then, BILLIE LOURD is proof that humor really is in the genes. The 25-year-old actress is here today to spend some time with Ellen. Billie lost her mother, Carrie Fisher, and her grandmother, Debbie Reynolds, just one day apart last year. In the face of such unbelievable tragedy, Billie never lost her charm and quick-wittedness.

She’ll also be telling us about her role in the new season of “American Horror Story: Cult.”

Also, lace up those skates, because “America’s Got Talent” finalists BILLY & EMILY ENGLAND are here to perform a roller skating routine!

Then, an act of kindness brought Chris & TunDe together. Three years later, fate brought them together again. Chris and TunDe’s story is nothing less than amazing! You’ll have to tune in to see them together again with Ellen.

It’s all happening now, on Ellen!

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