DAX SHEPARD is here! Dax is one of Ellen’s favorite people to have around. He’s so hilarious, and always has the best stories about his amazing wife Kristen Bell and their kids. Dax is here to give us the 411 on his talented and beautiful wife’s upcoming film, “A Bad Moms Christmas.” Dax and Ellen have a lot of fun together, so she’s anxiously awaiting his return!
Plus, JORDAN FISHER & LINDSAY ARNOLD are sashaying onto our stage today! The musician, actor and Broadway star is here to tell us about all the fun he’s been having on “Dancing with the Stars.”
Then, the band HAIM makes its way to the show for the first time! The three sisters from L.A., are here to perform “Little of Your Love” from their CD, “Something to Tell You.”
The party starts now on Ellen!

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