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Full Show Ellen November 30 2017

On DAY 7 OF 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS, Ellen is giving Santa Claus a run for his money! What St. Nick can do with elves, reindeer, and a big red sleigh, our host can do with the simple wink of an eye! Her fans are in for a huge treat as the gift-giving continues!
She’s funny, outlandish and real – CHELSEA HANDLER returns! Ellen is bringing back one of the most original women in Hollywood to get her thoughts on everything going on in the world. Ellen is excited to catch up on all the details with her spicy comedian friend!
Then, MOLLY BLOOM joins Ellen! Molly was a top US skier who, following an injury, ran the most exclusive high-stakes poker game in the world. The upcoming film “Molly’s Game” is based on her life, and we can not wait to hear all about it.
Plus, the incredibly talented SAM SMITH is back to perform his hit “Pray,” from his album “The Thrill of It All.”
It’s all happening now, on Ellen!

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