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Full Show Ellen December 01 2017

It’s DAY 8 OF 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS, the happiest, brightest, most wonderful time of year! By now, many of Ellen’s fans have taken home more than they even have room for, or are boarding planes to fancy destinations where they’ve never been! If you think it’s been great so far, you have no idea what’s coming today when our host reveals all-new gifts!
The one and only ED SHEERAN is here! The dynamic music star is here to perform his hit song, “Perfect” from his CD, “Divide.”
Then, Oscar winner, Southern belle, and superstar talent OCTAVIA SPENCER is back with Ellen! The impressive actress returns with more fun stories to share with Ellen, and a look at her latest film, “The Shape of Water.” Octavia shines bright in films like “The Help” and “Fruitvale Station.” Octavia takes her fans on an incredible journey in all of her films, and she’s as fearless and entertaining in real life as she is onscreen. You’re not going to want to miss this!
Plus, the very handsome and hilarious DAVE FRANCO is here! Dave has starred in many hit films, including “Neighbors,” “21 Jump Street” and “Now You See Me.” He’s here today to talk about his latest film, “The Disaster Artist.”
TGIF, today on Ellen!

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