It’s an exciting day on The Ellen Show, because for the first time ever, BILL GATES is here! The entrepreneur, philanthropist, and principal Founder of Microsoft is one of the most influential people in the world, having shaped how we use computers and technology today. Since his days with Microsoft, Bill has been a champion for providing healthcare and technology to the impoverished through his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Today, he’s here to talk with Ellen about the foundation and its influence in providing hope to those less fortunate. Don’t miss this incredible occasion!
Then, country music superstar KELLIE PICKLER is here! She rose to prominence on “American Idol,” and has since become one of the most popular performers and television personalities. Kellie always has a hilarious story when she visits, so who knows what she’ll have in store when she catches up with Ellen?! Her CMT show, “Pickler and Ben,” which she co-hosts with journalist Ben Aaron, shows a different side of Kellie’s interests, as it covers cooking, decorating, gardening, and more! She’s here to talk with Ellen about her fun show!
Plus, Ellen is excited to welcome KEALA to the show! She stars in the film “The Greatest Showman,” in which she sings the Oscar-nominated song “This Is Me.” Today, she’s here to perform it for Ellen and her audience! Don’t miss this exciting performance!
The party’s just getting started, on Ellen!

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