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Full Show Ellen March 19 2018

Ellen welcomes back newly crowned Academy Award winner ALLISON JANNEY! Her role in “I, Tonya” had everyone talking about her Oscar chances, and her unforgettable performance earned Allison the award for Best Supporting Actress! Today, she’s bringing her Oscar along… and her competitive streak to play a game with Ellen! She’ll also talk about the movie, her big win, and engage in some “friendly” competition with Ellen!
Then, Ellen is happy to welcome ZACH WOODS to the show! This is his first appearance on the show, and the hilarious actor certainly knows how to make an audience and Ellen laugh! He’s no stranger to comedy, having starred in “The Office,” and now on the hit HBO comedy “Silicon Valley.” It’ll be a fun day with Zach when he sits down with Ellen!
Now that’s a Monday, on Ellen!

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