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Repeat – Full Show Ellen March 27 2018

Repeat of February 12

Ellen welcomes JOHN KRASINSKI back to the show! John has been charming fans since his days as affable Jim Halpert on “The Office,” and since then, the talented actor has shown his acting prowess in films like “Away We Go” and “13 Hours.” Today, he’s here to tell Ellen all about starring alongside his wife Emily Blunt in his new film “A Quiet Place,” but it won’t be such a quiet place when John shows Ellen the chilling trailer for the movie!
Then, the director of one of 2017’s most celebrated films is here, that’s right, the Academy Award nominee for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay, GRETA GERWIG! Greta made her directorial debut with the critically acclaimed “Lady Bird,” also nominated for Best Picture. Today, she’s here to talk with Ellen about all the excitement and buzz around the movie, so don’t miss this exclusive interview about one of Oscar’s most talked about films!
It’s a Monday Fun Day, on Ellen!

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