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Full Show Ellen May 16 2018

Today is a special day, because Ellen’s lovely wife PORTIA DE ROSSI is here! It’s always fun when Portia stops by, because nobody knows Ellen better than she does! Portia recently starred in the hit show “Scandal,” and today she’s telling Ellen all about reuniting with the Bluth family for the 5th season of “Arrested Development”! She’s back in her hilarious role as Lindsay Bluth, and she’ll give Ellen a look at the exciting new season!
Then, Ellen is happy to welcome back JAMES BAY! The talented singer had two huge hits with “Hold Back the River” and “Let It Go,” and his fans are ready for more! He’s back to perform his new song, “Pink Lemonade,” from his upcoming album, “Electric Light.” Don’t miss this exclusive daytime performance!
Let’s start the party, with Ellen!

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