It’s a special day on The Ellen Show, with a very special guest host – SEAN HAYES! He’s one of Ellen’s good friends, and always ready with his sharp wit, so it’s no wonder she has trusted him with her show! The “Will & Grace” star certainly knows his way around the stage, whether on television or Broadway, and will no doubt make for one hilarious host!
Then, OLIVIA MUNN is back! The star of the hit show “The Newsroom” is here to talk about the exciting second season of her History Channel series, “Six.” Sean and Olivia were both guests at Ellen’s epic 60th birthday party, so they’re sure to have some fun stories!
Plus, the hilarious TONY HALE is here! He’s one of the breakout stars of the hit HBO series “Veep,” and he’s here to talk about returning to his role as Buster Bluth in the exciting new season of “Arrested Development” on Netflix! Don’t miss the charming actor’s chat with Sean today!
Wednesday is looking good, on Ellen!

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