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Repeat – Full Show Ellen August 27 2018

Repeat of Ellen’s 60th Birthday Extravaganza Day 1 February 01

It’s Ellen’s 60th Birthday Celebration, and you won’t believe the guest list! First, the elegant and always wonderful former First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA is here to help Ellen celebrate her birthday! She’s here to tell Ellen all about what she’s been up to since leaving the White House, and what’s new with Barack, Sasha, and Malia! It’s always great to hear from Michelle, as she always has encouraging and inspiring words for Ellen and her audience. Don’t miss Michelle’s big surprise birthday return to the show!

Plus, you never know who’s going to show up for Ellen’s birthday! There are lots of surprises in store for our favorite host, so make sure you don’t miss a minute of Ellen’s 60th birthday celebration!

It’s party time, on Ellen!

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