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Full Show Ellen September 11 2018

Today, Ellen welcomes the beautiful HEIDI KLUM! You never know what will happen when Heidi stops by, but she does manage to keep Ellen on her toes every time! The two always have fun together, and today promises more of the same! Heidi has an eye for talent, as she’s proven on shows like “Germany’s Next Top Model,” and that makes her the perfect judge for “America’s Got Talent”! As the season nears the finals, you can bet Heidi has a lot to say about performers on the show, and you’ll hear it all when she chats with Ellen!
Then, the wonderful OLIVIA MUNN is here! The delightful actress and Ellen’s BFF is always charming and fun when she stops by! She’s had her share of epic roles over the years, from starring in the hit series “The Newsroom,” to The History Channel’s series “Six,” and playing Psylocke in the “X-Men” series! She’s back today to tell Ellen all about her role in the upcoming action-packed sci-fi film “The Predator” before it hits theaters!
Plus, legendary singer MELISSA ETHERIDGE visits for a special performance! She’s celebrating the 25th anniversary of her album “Yes I Am,” and will give an exclusive performance of her classic hit song “Come to My Window”! You won’t want to miss it!
It’s all happening Tuesday, on Ellen!

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