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Full Show Ellen September 13 2018

The lovely and charming KRISTEN BELL is back! The “Bad Moms” and “Veronica Mars” star always brings her positive spirit and delightful humor each time she stops by, and you can be sure she’ll have a story or two to share about her husband Dax Shepard! Today, Kristen is here to talk with Ellen about two big returns! Fans of her hit NBC comedy “The Good Place” will be happy to hear Kristen talk about the exciting third season and its twists and turns! Plus, Kristen and Ellen will talk about the return of her hit ellentube series “Momsplaining,” which is back for a second season! It’s an exciting day that you’ll definitely want to be part of, so don’t miss it!
Then, Ellen is happy to welcome viral video star MARY HALSEY to the show! Ellen saw Mary’s karaoke performance of Missy Elliott’s “Work It” over the summer, and knew she had to invite her to the show! The video has over 20 million views, and it even caught the attention of Missy Elliott! Hear from Mary when she sits down with Ellen today!
That’s a Thursday done right, on Ellen!

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