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Full Show Ellen September 27 2018

A star is here, and it’s none other than LADY GAGA! She’s given us so many great hit songs throughout her career, including “Poker Face,” “Bad Romance,” “Just Dance” and “Alejandro,” and she’s even proven to be a natural actress, as seen in her unforgettable performance in “American Horror Story”! Her personality and activism has truly resonated with her fans all over the world, and their undying love for Lady Gaga makes them part of one of biggest fan bases in the world. She’s stopping by to chat with Ellen about her brand new film, “A Star Is Born” – a modern take on the classic story, in which she stars alongside Bradley Cooper, who also directed! She also performs on the soundtrack, and she’ll give Ellen and her audience a look at the film! Don’t miss Ellen’s interview with the one and only Lady Gaga!

Let’s start the party, on Ellen!

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