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Full Show Ellen October 15 2018

For the first time on television since their epic rescue, Ellen welcomes Coach Ake and the Wild Boars soccer team from Chiang Rai, Thailand. This past summer, Coach Ake and his team were exploring nearby caves after a soccer practice, and were trapped inside due to heavy rain and floods. The entire world watched as rescuers made a plan to save the team. Amazingly, after being trapped 18 days, and with over 100,000 people from around the world involved in the effort, the entire team was rescued! Coach Ake and the team will be here to visit with Ellen and talk about the incident and their rescue, and even meet their hero, Zlatan Ibrahimović! This is one incredible story you absolutely won’t want to miss.

Then, KUNAL NAYYAR is here! He’s part of one of the biggest sitcoms ever, “The Big Bang Theory,” playing the beloved and brainy Raj. With 11 seasons as part of the amazing ensemble cast, and with the show entering its final season, Kunal will certainly have plenty to share with Ellen about his co-stars, mustaches, his time on the show, voicing Guy Diamond in the “Trolls” series, and what’s next for the star!

Plus, the wonderful ELLIE KEMPER is back! She became one of the most prominent stars of the hit NBC series “The Office,” playing Erin in the later years of the show, and has continued to make us laugh! She’s an undeniable star in her hilarious Netflix series, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” and now she’s the author of a new book, “My Squirrel Days,” a collection of stories from Ellie’s journey to being one of the funniest people on our TVs! She’ll tell Ellen all about the new book and her “signature” charm!

Start your week off right, with Ellen!

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