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Full Show Ellen October 30 2018

Today, Ellen welcomes Koeberle Bull from Lumberton, NJ, who will share her unbelievable story. Koeberle and her family received a racially motivated and threatening Facebook message, and insisted police look into the incident. During the investigation, police found the culprit in Lawrenceburg, KY, and discovered that he planned to attack two school districts and was on his way to commit the shootings. Koeberle is being hailed as a hero, as her reporting the issue and finding out the identity of the man who sent the message helped authorities stop his horrific plan. Today, Ellen invites her to tell the incredible story.

Then, the fabulous NICOLE KIDMAN is back on The Ellen Show! She’s one of the top actresses in Hollywood, with classic films like “The Hours,” “The Stepford Wives,” “Moulin Rouge!” and thrilling TV series like “Top of the Lake” and “Big Little Lies”! She’s won an Academy Award, a Primetime Emmy, and a Golden Globe, and she’s also got an award-winning husband in rock star Keith Urban! Today, Nicole will tell Ellen about her powerful new film, “Boy Erased.” She stars alongside Russell Crowe, and her other co-star, LUCAS HEDGES, will join her to chat with Ellen! Lucas plays Jared, the main character, and he’ll share with Ellen about his role.

Plus, more of the “Boy Erased” cast is here – it’s TROYE SIVAN! The amazing singer is also starring in the film, and sings the title song “Revelation”! He’ll catch up with Ellen and tell her about acting in the movie, and will perform the song for the audience!

Catch it all Tuesday, on Ellen!

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