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Full Show Ellen November 02 2018

Friday has us feelin’ fine, and it starts with Ellen’s good friend SEAN HAYES stopping by! Sean may be the only one who can dish it as well as Ellen, and every time he stops by, the two have everyone in the audience and each other laughing! The last time he sat down with Ellen, the two exchanged some friendly jabs! They know how to tease in good fun, and there’s sure to be more of it today! The popular “Will & Grace” star even hosted the show last season and performed an unforgettable dance routine! In true Ellen fashion, Sean even pranked some of the audience! Today, he’ll tell Ellen all about “Plum,” his new children’s book!

Then, Ellen is pleased to welcome “Top Chef” contestant, FATIMA ALI! She competed on Season 15 of “Top Chef,” and even won the “Fan Favorite” award! In 2017, Fatima received the unfortunate news that she has a rare form of bone and soft tissue cancer, and after being diagnosed as cancer-free earlier in 2018, she recently learned it had returned. Meeting Ellen has been at the top of her bucket list, and today, Fatima will tell her story when she sits down with Ellen, and you won’t want to miss this touching moment.

Plus, Ziqi Li aka LIL’ MUSHROOM is back! She’s here all the way from Beijing to once again show off her pop and lock skills! If you haven’t seen Lil’ Mushroom, prepare to be blown away by her dance moves when she performs for Ellen and her audience! She’s got personality to spare, and you’ll be telling all your friends about her when you see her perform!

TGIF, on Ellen!

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