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Full Show Ellen November 07 2018

Ellen’s adequately average and always hilarious Executive Producer Andy Lassner aka AVERAGE ANDY is back in action! Last season, the Los Angeles Rams were the first team in NFL history to name two men to their official cheerleading squad, and now, Andy will be the third! Andy spent time with the squad at the Rams game against the Green Bay Packers, learning the ropes and practicing the moves, and as always, was very average! Andy as a cheerleader is as hilarious as it gets, and you certainly won’t want to miss it when Ellen shows you the footage today!

Then, the lovely and talented OCTAVIA SPENCER is back! The Academy Award-winning actress has starred in some of the biggest and most critically acclaimed films, from “The Help,” to “Hidden Figures” and in the Best Picture “The Shape of Water”! There’s no denying Octavia’s penchant for great movies, and now she’s starring alongside Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne in the new comedy, “Instant Family”! Octavia will tell Ellen all about the entertaining new movie and the important message behind it, and you’ll get a look at the film when she stops by today!

Let’s start the party, on Ellen!

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