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Full Show Ellen December 06 2018

Day 9 of Ellen’s 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS has arrived! It’s another day of great gifts, and Ellen is ready to give them all away! Want to be one of Ellen’s lucky winners? Enter to win all of today’s gifts on ellentube!

Not only is it a big day because of 12 Days, the incredible JENNIFER ANISTON is back! The charming actress has been keeping us entertained since her “Friends” days as the one and only Rachel. She was Ellen’s very first guest on the show, and she’s one of her best friends, so it’s always a big deal when Jennifer visits! She’s back with a brand new movie, “Dumplin’” – a Netflix film in which Jennifer stars as a pageant queen, and you’re going to want to tune in to catch glimpse of her in this role! Don’t miss it when she stops by!

Then, Jennifer’s co-star in the movie is here, and it’s none other than DOLLY PARTON! The legendary star also sings the main song from the film, “Girl in the Movies,” which is already receiving Oscar buzz for Best Original Song, and Dolly will perform it live for Ellen and her audience!

Let’s start the party, on Ellen!

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