2012 05 09 Monologue And Carrie Underwood Performance

Carrie Underwood Performance

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  • liyana zakariah 6 years ago

    hye ! First i want to say thank you very much for uploading each episode of TEDS ! I really appreciate it . I’m from Malaysia , we don’t have TEDS at here . I’m a big fan of Ellen and Portia . Free advice , the video is better when i watch it on watch.tv , when i watch it on daily motion it’s kinda stuck , out of sync , and i can’t watch it on full screen , if i do , it’s gonna stuck . Hope you can fix it , again , thank you very much , i really appreciate it .Please don”t stop uploading TEDS . I cant imagine my life without Ellen and you amazing video .

    • Gloubor 6 years ago

      Thanks 🙂
      Wat.tv is my backup solution when DM blocks the videos.
      I did not like to use it because of the commercials they put before the actual video starts.
      But now it seems there are no more ads.
      I will try to upload videos on both places for people like you who can’t watch DM correctly and will add a link to the Wat.tv video.