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Alec Baldwin Challenges Johnny Depp Sept 13 2017

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Alec Baldwin Interview Sept 13 2017

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Another Big Surprise For The West Family Sept 29 2017

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Anthony Anderson Interview Oct 02 2017

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Average Andy Sept 20 2017

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Billie Lourd Interview Sept 12 2017

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BirthDay Show Monologue January 26 2018

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Brad Paisley Interview Jan 26 2018

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Chance The Rapper Interview Feb 01 2018

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Channing Tatum Hide In Ellen’s Birthday Box Feb 02 2018

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Channing Tatum Interview Sept 15 2017

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Dame Judi Dench Interview Sept 21 2017

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Dean Otto Inspiring Story Sept 08 2017

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DNCE Performance Jan 26 2018

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DWTS Contestant Victoria and Partner Val Oct 02 2017

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Ellen Helps Halle Berry Swipe Right Sept 08 2017

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Ellen Instagram Stories Sept 08 2017

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Ellen Monologue & Dance Sept 06 2017

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Ellen Monologue & Dance Sept 07 2017

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With Miley Cyrus

Ellen Monologue & Dance Sept 08 2017

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Ellen Monologue & Dance Sept 12 2017

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Ellen Monologue And Dance Oct 02 2017

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Ellen Monologue And Dance Oct 06 2017

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Ellen Monologue And Dance Sept 11 2017

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Ellen Monologue And Dance Sept 13 2017

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Ellen Monologue And Dance Sept 14 2017

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Ellen Monologue And Dance Sept 15 2017

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Ellen monologue And Dance Sept 18 2017

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Ellen Monologue And Dance Sept 20 2017

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Ellen Monologue And Dance Sept 21 2017

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Ellen Monologue And Dance Sept 22 2017

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Ellen Monologue And Dance Sept 29 2017

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Ellen Q&A With The Audience Oct 02 2017

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Ellen Season 15 Is Coming Soon On Gloublog

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Ellen’s 60th Birthday Extravaganza Day 1 February 01 2018

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It’s Ellen’s 60th birthday, and we’re throwing her a HUGE party, and you’re invited! It’s so chock-full of fun, festivities, and amazing surprises, it’s going to take two shows to celebrate! You won’t believe who stop...

Ellen’s 60th Birthday Extravaganza Day 2 February 02 2018

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It’s Ellen’s 60th birthday, and we’re throwing her a HUGE party, and you’re invited! It’s so chock-full of fun, festivities, and amazing surprises, it's taking two shows to celebrate! You won’t believe who stops by to...

Ellen’s Biggest Gift Ever For The Audience Feb 02 2018

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Ellen’s Birthday Cake Feb 02 2018

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Ellen’s First-Timers of Season 15 June 14 2018

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There have been so many firsts on The Ellen Show, and today Ellen celebrates the guests who stopped by her show for the very first time! There’s a first time for everything, and there have been some epic first-time gu...

Ellen’s Funny Guys of Season 15 June 20 2018

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You can always expect a good laugh when you're watching The Ellen Show, especially with these guys around! Ellen invited some of the funniest fellows in Hollywood to stop by during Season 15. Today, she’ll share some ...

Ellen’s Funny Ladies of Season 15 June 15 2018

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Ellen knows a thing or two about funny ladies – she’s funny, and she’s a lady. She’s also friends with some of the funniest ladies in Hollywood, and so many of them stopped by the show this season! Today, Ellen shares...

Ellen’s Game of Games S01E04

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Ellen’s Game of Games S01E05

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Ellen’s Game of Games S01E06

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Ellen’s Game of Games S01E07

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Ellen’s Game of Games S01E08

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Ellen’s Inspiring Stories of Season 15 June 18 2018

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There’s nothing like an inspiring story to bring some love and light to your day. This season, Ellen featured some guests who help make this world a little brighter, and invited them to share their amazing stories. To...

Ellen’s Most Memorable Kids of Season 15 June 12 2018

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Ellen is a fan of the most talented and memorable kids around, and Season 15 was full of them! These incredible kids took center stage to entertain and surprise Ellen and her fans, which made for some truly unforgetta...

Freestyle Rapper Harry Mack Sept 13 2017

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Full 2,500th Show Ellen November 09 2017

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Roll out the red carpet and get ready for one heck of a party, because today is Ellen’s 2,500th show! With such an amazing milestone, you know Ellen has a lot fun planned! First up, we welcome back beloved comedian, ...

Full BirthDay Show Ellen January 26 2018

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She’s one of the brightest stars in Hollywood. From acting to singing to being an awesome wife and mom, KRISTEN BELL can do it all! Fans got to know her as “Veronica Mars,” and enjoyed her in films like “Forgetting Sa...

Full Halloween Show Ellen October 31 2017

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One of the biggest events of the season is finally back! Ellen is celebrating Halloween in style, with lots of ghoulish scares, plenty of treats, and a big reveal of her highly anticipated costume!! The Halloween cel...

Full Mother’s day Show Ellen May 10 2018

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It’s Ellen’s Mother’s Day Show, which has some of the most exciting giveaways of the season, and it's full of surprises for the soon-to-be new moms in the audience! Who better to stop by on Mother’s Day than JENNIFER ...

Full Show Ellen April 02 2018

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SETH ROGEN is here today! The hilarious movie star has been making his fans laugh for years in movies like “Pineapple Express,” “This Is the End” and “The Interview.” Today, Seth and his lovely wife Lauren Miller are ...

Full Show Ellen April 03 2018

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Hold on to your seats, Ellen is welcoming DWAYNE JOHNSON to the show! The Hollywood hunk has starred in action-packed films like “The Fate of the Furious” and "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” and voiced the role of M...

Full Show Ellen April 04 2018

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The wonderful LAUREN GRAHAM is here! The beloved star is best known for her incredibly popular portrayal of Lorelai Gilmore on “Gilmore Girls,” and for her role in “Parenthood.” She’s also a New York Times Bestselling...

Full Show Ellen April 05 2018

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She’s charming, hilarious, and the star of "Momsplaining" – it’s KRISTEN BELL! Whether it’s co-hosting with Ellen, dishing on her husband Dax Shepard, or just dropping in with her lovely personality, it’s always great...

Full Show Ellen April 06 2018

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Ellen is happy to welcome back ICE CUBE! The multi-faceted hip-hop artist and star of films like “Friday” and “Ride Along” can do it all – from music to comedy and beyond. He's Executive Producer of the show “Hip Hop ...

Full Show Ellen April 09 2018

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Baseball superstar ALEX RODRIGUEZ is here! The World Series champion and multi-time All-Star is now an MLB analyst, and of course, spends his post-playing days with the lovely Jennifer Lopez... who is only a FaceTime ...

Full Show Ellen April 10 2018

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It’s looking good on The Ellen Show today, because the lovely EVA LONGORIA is here! It’s an exciting time to catch up with the “Desperate Housewives” and "Devious Maids" star, since she’s now starring in a new comedy ...

Full Show Ellen April 11 2018

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The adorable ANNA FARIS is here! She’s the star of her own hit sitcom, “Mom,” and is hilarious in films like “The House Bunny” and “Just Friends.” Between filming, she keeps busy with her podcast and dishing out love ...

Full Show Ellen April 12 2018

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Today, the amazing HELEN HUNT is here! The Emmy and Oscar-winning actress is as good as gold. She’s best known from her days on the hit sitcom “Mad About You,” and for films like “As Good As It Gets,” “What Women Want...

Full Show Ellen April 13 2018

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It’s going to be one funny Friday, because JASON SUDEIKIS is on the show! He’s one of the most memorable and recognizable “Saturday Night Live” alums. Since his late-night days, he’s become a popular movie star in com...

Full Show Ellen April 16 2018

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The fabulous TRACEE ELLIS ROSS is back on the show today! The talented actress has been keeping herself busy, both in front of the camera as an actress, and in her directorial debut on her hit television show “Black-i...

Full Show Ellen April 17 2018

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Ellen welcomes back her friend STEVE HARVEY! From making us laugh during his years on “The Steve Harvey Show,” to hosting his talk show “Steve,” and even boldly hosting the Kardashian family on “Family Feud,” he certa...

Full Show Ellen April 18 2018

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She’s wildly entertaining and endlessly hilarious – it could only be AMY SCHUMER! Amy quickly became one of the most recognizable faces in comedy from her incredible standup specials, and writing and starring in her o...

Full Show Ellen April 19 2018

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In an exclusive appearance, the one and only CARDI B makes her daytime talk show debut on The Ellen Show! She rose to prominence through her social media accounts and by appearing on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop.” Since then...

Full Show Ellen April 20 2018

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It’s Ellen’s Earth Day Show, and she’s celebrating with amazing gifts and surprises for her audience, and the lovely ELISABETH MOSS is here to visit! Her memorable role as Peggy Olson on the hit AMC series “Mad Men” p...

Full Show Ellen April 23 2018

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It's his first time on the show, and Ellen is happy to welcome MACAULAY CULKIN! Macaulay was one of the world’s biggest child stars with a face everyone recognized, thanks to his unforgettable role as Kevin McCalliste...

Full Show Ellen April 24 2018

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The lovely SCARLETT JOHANSSON is here! She quickly became Hollywood’s go-to actress, starring in action-packed films like “Lucy” and “Ghost in the Shell,” with memorable roles in classics like “We Bought a Zoo," and e...

Full Show Ellen April 25 2018

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The incredible CHARLIZE THERON is back on The Ellen Show! The bombshell Hollywood star has lit up screens in films like “Atomic Blonde,” “The Fate of the Furious,” and has turned in memorable performances as Furiosa i...

Full Show Ellen April 26 2018

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It’s a star-studded day on The Ellen Show, and it begins with none other than CHRIS HEMSWORTH! The handsome Aussie superstar has been entertaining us for years as the incomparable hero Thor in the Marvel “The Avengers...

Full Show Ellen April 27 2018

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Ellen has the perfect way to end your week, starting with BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH! He’s one of the hardest-working stars in show business, from his incredibly popular lead role in the series “Sherlock,” to his unforgetta...

Full Show Ellen April 30 2018

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If you love "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," then Ellen's got the show for you, because the lovely KIM KARDASHIAN WEST is here! The superstar creates a buzz wherever she goes, as does her famous family. Kim talks ab...

Full Show Ellen August 29 2018

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Guest Host Lea Michele Guest host Lea Michele welcomes Mel B ("America's Got Talent"), Joe Amabile ("Bachelor in Paradise") and former NFL player-turned-magician Jon Dorenbos.

Full Show Ellen August 30 2018

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Guest Host Mario Lopez We’re gearing up for Season 16 of The Ellen Show with a guest host who’s no stranger to the job – that’s right, it’s MARIO LOPEZ! The handsome host of “Extra” should feel right at home here a...

Full Show Ellen August 31 2018

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Guest Host Mario Lopez MARIO LOPEZ is back to guest host once more as the countdown to Season 16 of The Ellen Show continues! The hunky host with the most has more fun moments and guests today, so be sure to be par...

Full Show Ellen December 01 2017

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It's DAY 8 OF 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS, the happiest, brightest, most wonderful time of year! By now, many of Ellen's fans have taken home more than they even have room for, or are boarding planes to fancy destinations wh...

Full Show Ellen December 04 2017

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Chestnuts are roasting, Jack Frost is nipping, and Ellen is giving, giving, and giving some more! It’s DAY 9 of Ellen’s 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS, and the twinkles in your eyes will be twice as bright once today's presents...

Full Show Ellen December 05 2017

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The snow is falling, and magic is in the air here at Ellen! It's DAY 10 of 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS with even more amazing gifts, fun, and plenty of dancing. Make your wish list and see how Ellen blows your mind when she ...

Full Show Ellen December 06 2017

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The snow is falling and magic is in the air here at Ellen! DAY 10 of 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS continues with even more amazing gifts, fun, and plenty of dancing. Make your wish list and see how Ellen blows your mind when ...

Full Show Ellen December 07 2017

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It's the last day of Ellen's holiday fest, and if you like what you've seen so far, you're not going to believe the gifts on DAY 12 of Ellen's 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS! As many things as will fit under the tree, around th...

Full Show Ellen December 08 2017

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Full Show Ellen December 11 2017

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She got her start on a little singing competition called "American Idol." Since then, she's won a Grammy, performed at the Super Bowl, and even took home an Oscar – it could only be JENNIFER HUDSON! The superstar is h...

Full Show Ellen December 12 2017

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DWAYNE JOHNSON is one of the biggest movie stars of his generation! Dwayne has starred in films like "The Other Guys” and "Be Cool,” but it was his roles in the "Fast & Furious" series, “Moana” and “Central Intell...

Full Show Ellen December 13 2017

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Your favorite a cappella singers, The Barden Bellas, are back for a treble threat with "Pitch Perfect 3"! The fabulous ANNA KENDRICK, REBEL WILSON, ANNA CAMP and BRITTANY SNOW are all here with Ellen! There is so much...

Full Show Ellen December 14 2017

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WILL SMITH is here! One of Hollywood's top entertainers returns with the good word on life, family, and everything else going on in the star's life. Will got his start on the classic '90s show "The Fresh Prince of Bel...

Full Show Ellen December 15 2017

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Former Secretary of State HILLARY CLINTON is back with Ellen, and we couldn’t be more excited! The former First Lady is always up for fun with our host. You’re not going to want to miss the momentous occasion when Ell...

Full Show Ellen February 05 2018

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Melissa McCarthy, Gus Kenworth

Full Show Ellen February 06 2018

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You better “B” ready, because Ellen welcomes back MICHAEL B. JORDAN to the show! He’s one of Hollywood’s brightest stars, from his role as star quarterback Vince Howard on “Friday Night Lights,” to trading punches in ...

Full Show Ellen February 07 2018

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Ellen welcomes back MILO VENTIMIGLIA! He stars as America’s favorite television husband and dad, Jack Pearson on “This Is Us,” and fans have waited a long time to learn what happened to Jack. Now that the long-awaited...

Full Show Ellen February 08 2018

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It’s guaranteed to be a good time, because SEAN “DIDDY” COMBS is back on the show today! He’s one of the biggest personalities in music, film and fashion, and from his extensive rap career and music producing to his S...

Full Show Ellen February 09 2018

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We could all use a little more DREW BARRYMORE, and good news – she’s back on the show today with Ellen! Between acting, producing, and appearing in classics like “The Wedding Singer” and “Ever After,” she's one of Hol...

Full Show Ellen February 12 2018

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Ellen welcomes JOHN KRASINSKI back to the show! John has been charming fans since his days as affable Jim Halpert on “The Office,” and since then, the talented actor has shown his acting prowess in films like “Away We...

Full Show Ellen February 13 2018

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Today, the Super Bowl MVP, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback NICK FOLES is here! Who could have guessed when the NFL season started that Nick would end up MVP of the big game? Nick’s story is certainly one of an underdo...

Full Show Ellen February 14 2018

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It’s Valentine’s Day on The Ellen Show, and the lovely and talented NATALIE PORTMAN is here! The superstar actress has had some unforgettable roles throughout her career, from Padmé Amidala in “Star Wars” to Jackie Ke...

Full Show Ellen February 15 2018

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Today, Ellen has the funny in spades, because DAVID SPADE is back on the show! The entertaining comedian has given us a fair share of laughs over the years, from his time during one of the most memorable periods of “S...