It’s always a good time when two-time Emmy winner MEGAN MULLALLY stops by! She’s known for her unforgettable role as Karen Walker on “Will & Grace,” and now she’s back to tell Ellen about returning to the character that so many came to know and love! Megan gives the scoop on her 30-year friendship with Ellen, and she’s got the dirty details about how she and her “Parks and Recreation” star husband Nick Offerman like to spend their time together – which may include some scandalous puzzle solving. Don’t miss her dish it all with Ellen!
Then, Ellen welcomes three truly brave heroes who put a stop to what could have been a horribly tragic moment. In 2015, ALEK SKARLATOS, ANTHONY SADLER, and SPENCER STONE were passengers on a high-speed train from Amsterdam to Paris, and courageously worked together to stop a gunman during the trip. They’re here to tell Ellen the story. The three heroes portray themselves in the movie “The 15:17 to Paris,” a Clint Eastwood film that recounts the events of the incident.
It’s all happening, on Ellen!

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